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Bolor Lkhaajav is an international relations analyst, Founder of Monus.ed Mentorship Program, and Researcher/Writer at The Diplomat. Her specialization covers Mongolian foreign policy, diplomacy, economy, and society, and geopolitics of Northeast Asia, East Asia at large. Her works and commentary have been featured in a range of publications in multiple languages, The Diplomat, Foreign Policy, Time, World Politics Review, La Stampa, The Mongol Messenger, Bloomberg and more. She is a frequent commentator for international media. 


She launched an education initiative in May 2023, "Remote. Ed Advancing Education in Mongolia." Remote.Ed aims to expand educational access to students in remote areas of Mongolia. Since May, the initiative has received tremendous support from friends, colleagues, and people who has special connection to Mongolia. Additionally, Bolor mentors undergraduate students majoring in international relations. With her mentorship programs, a number of students received scholarships to study abroad. 

Bolor is currently writing a book on Mongolia's international relations. In 2014, she had an art exhibit in Chicago, IL. Her passion is in literature, art, and dogs. 



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