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Bolor Lkhaajav is an international relations researcher and writer. Her writings and commentary have been featured in a range of international publications in multiple languages, including The Diplomat, Foreign Policy, Time, East Asia Forum, Asia-Pacific Bulletin, World Politics Review, La Stampa, The Mongol Messenger, Bloomberg and more. Bolor's research interests include but are not limited to foreign policy, culture and society, economy, environment, and security. 


Bolor is an observer and commentator on Mongolia's international affairs and politics. In 2023, she reached a 100th article milestone. She continues to write her book on Mongolia's international relations. 


In 2017, Bolor Founded a Mentorship Program where she mentors students pursuing graduate schools. Her mentees have been accepted to competitive scholarships such as Chevening, Fulbright, and Australia Awards, and received program-based scholarships.


During her free time, Bolor loves to read, paint, take photos, and play with her dogs. She previously had an art exhibit in Chicago, IL. 



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