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About Me

Bolor Lkhaajav is a researcher specializing in Mongolia, Northeast Asia, East Asia, and the Americas. Her research interests cover foreign policy, security, governance, economy, and social issues. Bolor's research work has appeared in a range of publications in multiple languages. She is a Researcher and Writer at The Diplomat magazine. Bolor started a Mentorship Program in 2017 where she helps advance education and mentors undergraduates in academic and professional endeavors. She is a recipient of multiple merit-based scholarship and fellowships.  


Bolor is writing a book on Mongolia's international relations.  She likes art, animals, and enjoys traveling and water sports. 


2022 Legal Studies, Paralegal, Boston University, 

2018 M.A. in Asia-Pacific Studies, University of San Francisco

2017 Founder and Director of Mentorship Program

2012 B.A. in Interdisciplinary International Studies, Roosevelt University, Chicago​. 


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